J. I. Machine Co., Inc

From the depths of the oceans and to the stars above, we can build the parts you need!


J.I. Machine Company is a woman owned, California Corporation situated in it's own 21,000 sq. ft. facility located in the high tech Sorrento Mesa - Golden Triangle area of San Diego.

We began in 1976 with the commitment: "To offer our customers more than just compliance to their specifications." We have worked closely with our customers to meet the challenges of: extremely close tolerances, completing complex jobs on time, in budget and exceeding their quality expectations. The growth resulting from this effort has allowed us to build a stable team of expert craftsmen who specialize in precision machining for the aerospace, fiber optic, medical, subsea, and commercial industries. Components are manufactured for a wide range of applications from underwater cable connectors, space hardware, military weapons systems, and medical devices ranging from eye socket gauges to brain probes. We are experienced government contractors and subcontractors.

We provide each of our customers with the same exceptional service and personalized attention - regardless of size. Most important is our commitment to customer satisfaction and pride in workmanship.


J.I. Machine routinely works from the developmental and prototype stages to short or long production runs. We also have excellent outside sources to offer the customer a full service capability in the manufacture and assembly of their precision parts. All services are certified and guaranteed by J.I. Machine to be consistent with our high standards.

The team at J.I. Machine utilizes a fully computerized CAD/CAM system to insure efficiency and standardization. Our equipment includes the latest models of CNC Turning and Milling Machine Centers and CNC Swiss-type Screw Machines. To further insure our quality manufacturing process J.I. Machine uses JobBOSS software, which tracks each process and provides detailed documentation. This enables us to give our customers up-to-the-minute status on work in process.

Our Quality Assurance Department inspects with state-of-the-art equipment to insure that our commitment to quality requirements, customer specifications, and a high level of excellence is achieved. Orders are inspected and approved by the most stringent and current practices. Our Quality Assurance Manual documents the implemented structure designed for complete customer satisfaction and success.

J.I. Machine is a member of the National Tooling and Machining Association and adheres to its' values which follow our corporate philosophy. Trust: Making realistic promises and respecting Confidentiality. Quality: Assuring timely, accurate and complete service leading to customer satisfaction. Teamwork: Cooperating to achieve common goals emphasizing on responsiveness and flexibility.

J.I. Machine recognizes that companies like yours are not just a name but an important reason why we are in business. We would appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you and help you meet your next manufacturing requirements.


The team at J.I. Machine utilizes a fully computerized CAD/CAM system to insure efficiency and standardization. Our equipment includes the latest models of CNC Turning and Milling Machine Centers and CNC Swiss-type Screw Machines.



Monday: 6:15am to 3:15pm
Tuesday: 6:15am to 3:15pm
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Friday: 6:15am to 12:15pm
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The experienced staff at J.I. Machine invites you to visit our facility and discuss your precision machining requirements.

Personal Info

  •   (858) 695-1787
  •  9720 Distribution Ave. San Diego, CA 92121
  •   info@jimachine.com.


J.I. Machine provides the highest quality precision-machined products. We offer outstanding customer service, pride in professionalism, and industry leading product innovation. Our corporate standards of excellence consistently meet and exceed expectations of our customers.




• Making Customer requirements our #1 priority so that the end result is exactly what is expected.

• Establishing a strong partnership with our Customers, which offer a “win-win” scenario with every interaction.

• Selecting key suppliers that are enthusiastic about doing business with us and who always meet our standards of excellence.

• Continuously improving the way we provide our service by encouraging Customer feedback and seeking to understand their perspective.

• Contributing to building a team based work environment comprised of competency, respect, integrity, trust and care.

Terms & Conditions

DFARS 252.204-7012 Safeguarding of unclassified controlled technical information shall be applicable to all Purchase Orders.
A. SUB-TIER CONTROL The supplier shall be responsible for flow down of all the requirements and provisions of the J.I. Machine Co, Inc., purchase order applicable to the supplier's sub-contractors. Additionally, the supplier shall comply with special processor requirements when imposed (e.g. - NADCAP, AMS, Customer approvals, etc.).
B. RIGHT OF ACCESS During the performance of this purchase order, your Quality Assurance or Inspection and Manufacturing process are subject to review, verification and analysis by J.I. Machine Co., Inc., customers, and/or Government/Regulatory Agency representative(s). This requirement is applicable to your facilities where J.I. Machine Co., Inc., products and services are processed as well as your sub-tier's facilities. This 'Right of Access' must be flowed down to all of the sub-tiers that you utilize in performance of the contract.
C. SUPPLIER NON-CONFORMANCE APPROVAL REQUESTS The supplier shall notify J.I. Machine Co., Inc., of non-conforming material. Requests for any departures from drawings, specifications, or other purchase order requirements must be submitted for consideration by J.I. Machine Co., Inc., in writing. J.I. Machine Co., Inc., will in turn either approve or deny approval of the request in writing. Non-conforming material may NOT be shipped to J.I. Machine Co., Inc., without such written approval. Non-conforming material shipped on an approved non-conformance must be accompanied by a copy of the signed J.I. Machine Co., Inc., approval document.
D. RECORDS RETENTION The Supplier shall maintain adequate records of all aspects of the fulfillment of the purchase order for a period of not less than ten (10) years from the closing of the purchase order unless stated otherwise on the purchase order. For orders with prints from "Coltec, Chandler Evans, Goodrich Pump & Engine or Triumph Engine Controls" record retention is a period of forty (40) years. Prior to destruction of any records following the retention requirements or where requirements cannot be met, Supplier shall provide immediate notification and records shall be provided upon request, prior to disposal. Notice: X-Rays, First Article Inspection Report (FAIR) photographs and inspection photographs are considered Quality Records and must be retained as well.
E. CERTIFICATIONS Material and Plating certification(s) are required for all purchase orders issued by J.I. Machine Co., Inc. that are being provided by the supplier. Process per PO, specification on print provided and/or superseded spec if print spec is no longer valid and now obsolete. Must also certify to current revision level of specification. NADCAP processors must certify all accredited processes with NADCAP CERTIFICATION noted on CERT!
F. PROCESS CHANGES Any changes to the product, process, suppliers, or facility that could impact ability of product to meet J.I. Machine Co., Inc. requirements must be communicated to J.I. Machine Co., Inc.


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